In addition to being consistent in its obligations to the state, the social contribution of KAFEA TERRA AEBE is an integral part of its culture and philosophy from the first years of its operation.

Sustainability Report 2019


Apart from displaying consistency towards state obligations, social contribution is an integral part of the culture and philosophy of KKAFEA TERRA S.A. since the early years of its operation.

We immediately and continuously respond to various social needs, either through product or financial aid, which is applied to a wide range of support:

1. Charitable institutions & Non-profit Organizations, regularly or after their request. At the same time, for two years the companies of our group have been supporting a particular foundation on a permanent basis, covering expenses for the families of patients.

2. Charity organizations, Fundraisers  

3. The creation of a blood bank, via volunteer blood donations.

4. Support of local communities, especially that of the Municipality of Paiania, where our company’s headquarters are located; by providing aid to the Fire Protection Service and the Social Grocery stores, job positions and much more…

5. Reinforcement of volunteer groups.

6. Responding to individual requests, for financial support or covering hospital care expenses.

7. Free briefings / seminars concerning coffee, as a raw material, at educational institutions (public & private).

8. Privileged private insurance program for the entire Staff and their families.

9. Opportunities for Student Internships.

10. Sponsorships or other types of support for clients and/or partners.

11. Sponsorships of television productions and theatrical performances.