In 1988 KAFEA TERRA FOOD AND DRINKS AEBE introduces espresso illy to the Greek public and devotes itself to the continuous development of the know-how and culture of coffee and its methods of manufacture in all types and in all market sectors.

In 2006 it creates a standard industrial unit of European specifications in the Industrial Area of ​​Greece, Peania, where Dimello coffee is produced, in all forms and types of packaging, with distribution in Greece and abroad.

From the farm to the final consumer we have created an excellent distribution network serving all our customers directly.
Dimello is delivered fresh all over the world with a quality guarantee.
Export Destinations: Germany, Jordan, Romania, Bulgaria, London, Turkey, Dubai, Cyprus, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Oman, Sweden, Ireland, Serbia, the Netherlands, Moldavia.

In 2016, the AREA 51 Artisan Coffee Roasters project was developped, a specialty specialty coffee production line, specializing in research and development around coffee specialty.

KAFEA TERRA AEBE has pioneered highlighting the values ​​of an emblematic authentic espresso, creating a highly trained and dedicated sales team, implementing a dynamic and energetic marketing strategy, coupled with service, technical support and high standards training. The company employs 160 employees and holds a leading position in the Greek market, having the largest national network of commercial partners in HO.RE.CA. Thanks to our people, with consistent dedication and love in their work, our Vision is developed to constantly search for the best coffee beans, blends ... with perseverance in perfection!

The Product Portfolio also composes of top exclusive distribution and production brands such as Distillo, DAMMANN Frères, MONBANA, Chocolanelle, 1883, La Marzocco & Faema.

Today, after a successful long course, the company continues, with consistency and dedication, on the same axis of know-how, innovation and development of stable quality coffee.

It devotes all its resources to the three pillars that form the basis for its dynamic course towards the future:


  • The Bean ... collaborations with respect to coffee makers, who struggle to get us the most beloved seed of nature.
  • The Blend ... application of modern technological infrastructure and inexhaustible research, with the passion for continuous improvement and development.
  • The Barista ... training for an excellent cup that takes consumers to a journey into the magical world of coffee and always brings smile to the lips!

Because ... our fundamental priority is to offer the businessman and the consumer everywhere, wherever they may be, a unique, enjoyable experience in every coffee sip, which...praises the importance of every moment.