From the very beginning of our engagement in the world of espresso, in the late 80s, we identified the need, within the food and beverage market, for organized and reliable technical support concerning professional equipment.

Our long-standing involvement with illy espresso and the high quality standards set by Illycaffe s.p.a. in the complex grid of parameters that are of fundamental importance, from the quality of the raw materials until the moment an excellent espresso is enjoyed, have led us to devote our utmost attention towards the sector of Technical Infrastructure.

Today, KAFEA S.A.’s Technical Support Organization consists of 15 expert technicians, trained by Italian specialists at the facilities of Illycaffe in Trieste.

We represent leading brands of professional equipment in Greece: La Marzocco, Faema & MCE coffee machines, Mazzer, DIP coffee grinders, La Piccola, FrancisFrancis, Mitaca, Winking small to medium consumption machines.

At the same time we maintain a Spare Parts Department in complete adequacy with the latest control technology equipment to cover our network of clients and Business Partners nationwide, in Attica and the rest of Greece, for whatever need they may have, as soon as possible.

We attend training courses at our suppliers’ factories in Italy in order to always keep our Organization up to date according to the developments in our field.

Furthermore, a special team of expert baristas is responsible for testing the latest machine models. They evaluate, examine and implement all the qualitative configurations that are required. They adhere to an assessment program within a Quality Control and Training framework at the points of consumption.

The Technical Department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering immediate solutions to any kind of problem, so as to ensure an excellent espresso, every time, at every single point of consumption.