Thursday, April 1 2021

KAFEA TERRA offered through the "Dinner of Love" 3.150 meals to our homeless fellow citizens

Kafea Terra collaborated with the "Deipno Agapis" for three consecutive weeks of March, offering 3.150 portions of food, water and sweets to our homeless fellow citizens living in Athens.


The occasion for the initiative was the coin of this year's royal, pie which fell on the piece of poor and connected with a donation of support and solidarity to our fellow human beings who live in poverty.


The action was carried out with the assistance of volunteers and employees of Kafea Terra, who despite the special conditions, took all security measures for the spread of the pandemic and carried out a substantial humanity walk, while transmitting their own message of hope.


The " Deipno Agapis ", is an Urban Non-Profit Organization, with the aim of distributing food and other basic necessities, founded by Marianna Peppa.