Exclusive blends, famous plantations, distinctive flavored tea recipes.

Dammann Company is at the top of the pyramid combining quality and luxury.

From 1692, the French company Dammann Frères, has been providing the finest varieties of tea directly from producers. The company utilizes reputable blenders who travel the world in order to choose only the best quality tea and to create unique blends and delicate flavors, with consistent quality over time. 



Dammann possesses three thousand different tea recipes. The official catalogue of “Dammann Frères” includes 250 of them, amongst which more than 120 authentic teas and a collection of 110 flavored teas.

Flavored tea is a creation of Dammann House. It was the first company globally to create authentic and fragranced flavors with blender Jean Jumeau Lafond (1950).

For flavoring Dammann uses dried fruit, flowers, spices and natural extracts.

The collections that the experts of “Dammann Frères” create from crops that originate in Sri Lanka, India, China, Korea, Vietnam and Japan, as well as Africa and Brazil, are gathered at the facilities in Dreux.

To ensure optimal storage conditions for the tea, Dammann Frères packages its recipes in classic and elegant boxes that are easy to open. The packaging guarantees the excellent preservation conditions of the teas, with respect to the quality of the leaves and in order to maintain the equilibrium of the flavored recipes throughout time.





SINGLE SERVING (Cristal® tea bags) 

World packaging innovation of Dammann (1975).

It is a bag made of synthetic material. The ethereal mesh and the transparency of the “Crystal” bag is the result of technological ingenuity, as tea can be packaged and, at the same time, provide extraction quality comparable to that of loose tea.


  • Ensures the optimal expansion of the tea leaf.
  • Does not shrink in the water.
  • Allows the leaf to unfold and to be infused freely in the cup.



The wooden boxes, imitations of imported cases that Chinese exporters used up until recently, are the latest creations of Dammann Frères to package teas of valuable origin. 


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Over the years, the greatest chapters in the history of French tea have been written.

During this time, Dammann has developed and multiplied its range of products by sharing its passion and remaining loyal to its single purpose: to provide satisfaction and pleasure to all tea lovers.

1692. François Damame is granted the exclusivity of selling tea in France from Louis XIV.

1925. The company Dammann Frères is founded by brothers Robert and Pierre Dammann. They sell vanilla pods and loose tea from Madagascar.

1926. The Dammann factory opens in New York.

1932. Dammann Frères becomes the exclusive tea supplier to the luxury cruise ships of the French Lines around the world.

1949. Dammann entrusts the operation of the company to the renowned Blender Jean Jumeau Lafond, who is the first to give a different dimension to loose tea. He creates unique and innovative recipes, which even today are still essential flavors (Gout Russe Douchka, Christmas Tea, Jardin Bleu, 4 fruit Rouges).

1950. The renowned blender Jean Jumeau Lafond of Dammann:

  • Creates flavored tea («Goût Russe Douchka»)
  • Launches flavored loose tea in the French retail market.

1970. Jean Jumeau Lafond’s two sons, Jacques and Didier expand the company.

1975. Lafond’s sons create, in cooperation with a Japanese man, the cristal tea bag; a transparent bag made of nylon that gives advantages to this category. The bag was patented by Dammann.

2005. Dammann Frères joins Gruppo illy. Also, Dammann begins supplying the finest restaurants and delicatessens; the company rebrands and creates exclusive recipes and products.

2007. Dammann Frères joins Gruppo illy.

2008. The very first Dammann Frères boutique opens in Paris. This space is an expansion of the creative world in which the Jumeau Lafond family has been working in for three generations. It is an opening to the world, after so many years spent studying, mixing, processing and searching for the ideal blend, making the same effort for each tea separately. The boxes and tea bags of Dammann Frères contain the knowledge of farmers who continue to follow the practices of their ancestors, which is sealed with the significant expertise of the company that selects, imports, blends, tests and packages its precious tea leaves.

2009. The brand gains recognition. The company opens a second boutique in Paris.

2011. The company transfers its production and headquarters to the city of Dreux, in northern France. It also opens a third store in Paris and launches its first store in Japan, in the city of Osaka.

2012. Dammann continues its significant activity, being present in more than 62 countries.

The blenders of Dammann Frères constantly strive to offer the best blends and the finest flavors. Their sole purpose in this pursuit of perfection is to offer satisfaction and pleasure to all tea lovers.

Experienced blenders assess the tea before moving on to tasting. At first, with the visual sense, then tasting and finally combining all senses. Important points are the appearance of the leaves, their behavior when being brewed, their taste and fragrance.


Visual Sense

The dried tea leaves are selected and assessed by the blenders according to their color, size, shape, glow and flawless image. 



The taster detects by smelling the fragrant substances. After that, the tea is tasted as a beverage and assessed according to its flavor, color and clarity.



The stages of smelling and tasting present the image of the tea’s characteristics: roundness, acidity, intense or mild flavor.

The soaked tea leaves provide important information about the bouquet of the variety. Tasting is as follows: the expert tastes the liquid, keeps it for a while in his mouth and then exhales from the nose. In this way he discovers all its nuances and visualizes, analyzes and memorizes its characteristics. Then the imagination must be called forth to create the blends that will showcase its flavors and fragrances. It is a fascinating job that combines authenticity, creativity and excitement. 


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1. Classic Blends

The categorization of blends is based on the degree of fermentation (oxidation) that the tea leaves have undergone.

  • Green
  • Black
  • White
  • Oolong

2. Flavored Blends

Classic blends elaborately mixed with dried fruit, fruit blossoms, fragrant flowers, spices and oils.


3. Herbs

Dammann offers a wide range of herbs. A representative herb is the ROIOBOS, a South African plant that is slightly sweet, containing no caffeine. 

Iced Tea

Prepare iced tea with with Dammann loose tea and the clever Handy Brew utensil. Combine Dammann with the 1883 Routin syrups for unique refreshing creations!

Keep in a pitcher or serve directly in a glass.

Work with us, attend a specialized seminar concerning tea, receive original recipes and become a small Tea expert yourself!

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