Faema (Italian acronym: Fabbrica Apparecchiature ELETTROMECCANICHE e Affini)

The company is exclusively engaged in the production of professional espresso machines.

The firm was founded in 1945 by Carlo Ernesto Valente, in Milano, Italy.

FAEMA has been developing professional espresso coffee machines, using innovative technology and exceptional design, since 1945.

FAEMA’s passion for detail is demonstrated through the exceptional reliability of its machines and incomparable level of customer support it offers with its well-organized technical support network. 

Whilst remaining true to its traditions, over the past few years FAEMA has upgraded its company identity and brand awareness.

The name FAEMA combines perfection in design with sublimity in the cup. This is demonstrated by the persistence and fidelity that many baristas display for the FAEMA brand. 

In 2012, the firm celebrated its one-hundred-year anniversary by inaugurating the MUMAC, the Museum of Espresso Machines, aiming to preserve the cultural heritage, and to highlight FAEMA’s contribution to the industry. 

MUMAC is a permanent exhibition, open to the public, providing information and knowledge related to the history, culture and design of espresso machines. The technology and design are presented through rich audiovisual stimuli, and are supported by the collection of documents that bear great historical importance.