Its name is Freddito and it has two basic characteristics: it is pleasurable and with granite texture!

A rejuvenating, iced beverage, with velvety, rich texture that melts in your mouth just like a granita.

It immediately became the Talk of the Town, especially amongst younger – and not only – crowds. 

You can’t get enough of it or ever get bored of it due to the 3 different versions:

Freddito Classic: It combines the energy of coffee with the delicious and rich taste of chocolate in a splendid granita beverage!

Freddito Vanilla: Granita-like vanilla with pieces of cocoa butter and crushed chocolate cookie. A beverage that’s as delicious as cookies & cream ice cream.

Freddito Gianduja: The famous, amazing granita texture with the beloved flavor of our childhood: chocolate hazelnut praline!

Trendy, refreshing and incredibly tasty, Freddito, is the absolute summer beverage.