La Marzocco Srl, is located in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance and home of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi and many other great artists who created some of the most famous masterpieces of the world.

Having been born in this city, the company assimilates and instinctively reflects love, passion for beauty, creation and talent.

Founded in 1927 by Giuseppe Bambi and his brother Bruno. 

La Marzocco gained great fame thanks to its beautiful coffee machines, high quality, groundbreaking research and design with ingenuity.

The exclusively handmade machines of La Marzocco, built with passion and great attention to detail, have managed to be on top in the preferences of the best café-bars and baristas all over the world.

In 1939, La Marzocco designed and patented the first coffee machine with a horizontal boiler, now considered an industry standard. It was the first in a series of significant innovations, such as the double boiler (for coffee brewing and hot water).  

Tradition, research, quality and credibility are the factors that always distinguished the company.

Highly qualified staff oversees every stage of the production process for each machine, handmade and customized for each client.

In this way, the extensive experience and professional pride of Giuseppe Bambi has remained unaltered for over eighty-five years.