Qualitea Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd is among the most renowned tea companies all over the world. Based in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) – the fourth tea producing country worldwide – Qualitea selects, collects, blends and flavors different varieties while applying traditional practices.

Tea is processed and packaged using the most modern methods while following international safety and quality standards throughout the entire procedure. The company always aims at consistently high quality products and packaging, maintaining the high values of the beverage unaltered.

Its unique taste is the result of long-lasting research in the company laboratory, which has developed hundreds of blending and flavoring formulas of different excellent quality tea varieties.

The particularly meticulous and elegant packaging in an airtight metal foil envelope has been chosen so as to protect the aromatic characteristics intact until the time of consumption.

Qualitea, with significant export activity, is present in 40 countries covering all 5 continents. In Greece, since November 2001 it is exclusively distributed by KAFEA COMMERCIAL AND TECHINCAL S.A., mainly to café-bars, hotels and restaurants. It is accompanied by luxury promotional material (bar displays made of Plexiglass, wooden cases, mugs, catalogues).

Available in a variety of flavors: