Excellent quality syrups of 100% French origin, for hot or cold beverages and cocktails. All over the world, bartenders and baristas invent and compose imaginative creations with pure flavor, authentic aroma and an enduring aftertaste. 

Agave Cinnamon Lime Pomegranate   
Almond Coconut Liquorice Pumpkin Spice
Amaretto Coffee Lychee Raspberry 
Anise Cranberry Macadamia Nut Red Passion Fruit  
Apple Cucumber Mango Red Pepper
Banana Eggnog Maple Roasted Hazelnut
Blackberry Elderflower Margarita Rose
Blackcurrant French Nougat Melon Rum
Blood Orange French Vanilla Mixed Berries Salted Caramel
Blue Curaçao Ginger Mojito Mint Speculoos
Blueberry Gingerbread Orange Spicy
Bubble Gum Grapefruit Orchid Strawberry
Butterscotch Green Apple Passion Fruit Tangerine
Caramel Green Banana Peach Tiramisu
Caramelised Peanut Green Mint Pear Toasted Marshmallow
ChaiTea Hazelnut Peppermint Toffee Crunch 
Cherry Iced Mint Pina Colada Triple Sec
Chestnut Irish Cream Pineapple Vanilla
Chocolate Kiwi Pink Grapefruit  
Chocolate Cookie Lavender Pistachio  

Fruit Purées:

Authentic fruit flavors for cocktails, beverages and smoothies. Containing 55% of real fruit, they are long-lasting and the best solution for professionals.

Mango Passion Fruit
Banana Red Fruit


Iced Tea:

Concentrated tea with the signature of Routin House.

They contain a natural tea extract, they are easy and quick to prepare and are available in eight flavors that will satisfy even the most demanding palates!

Black Tea Green Tea Lemon Peach
Mango Raspberry Elderflower Tea with spices

Ανακαλύψτε τα Iced Tea 1883 (clickable)



Since 1883, the Routin distillery has taken on to continue the original recipes of the Alps, with authentic tradition.

The Routin Vermouths proudly bear the name of their inventor, Philibert Routin.

Vermouth Dry Vermouth Rouge Vermouth Blanc

Unique recipes that were created from French wines and a unique blend of plants, blossoms and spices. 

The French company Routin was founded in 1883 from a single man’s vision – the talented botanist Philibert Routin who created Vermouth – of combining 35 plant and herb species, taking his first steps in the history of aromas.


Thanks to the perfection that is exuded from the natural beauty of Routin House’s birthplace in the French Alps - a true source of inspiration with its fresh air, crystal waters and nature -  it is no wonder that the 1883 syrups stand out for their unmistakable quality and the purity of their ingredients. 

In cooperation with renowned Bartenders & Baristas, new 1883 syrups are developed, always in accordance with the high standards of Routin House. 




which loyally convey each flavor.


the perfect taste performance of the

original aromatic tones.


the ideal balance between sweetness and flavor.


ensuring a taste that lingers.


The first sensory analysis laboratory in Europe operates according to the “aromatic range” developed by Jean-Noêl Jaubert, which was initially researched at the National Center for Scientific Research in France. 

The 1883 Lab was established in 1987 by Routin House and produces more than a thousand original compositions every year.

At least 20 noses and palates are required to classify and define the complex aromatic profiles. With patience and stunning precision, seven experts of Routin House and fifteen well-trained members of the committee select, blend and finally create syrups with an absolute balance of flavor. 

Effectively utilizing more than 600 flavors and tasting tests of juices annually, the 1883 Lab currently possesses an archive of flavors with more than 2000 references. 

The best way to showcase the quality of the ingredients is the experience and infinite imagination of every professional who uses them.

The Brand Ambassador of Routin recommends, trains and introduces professionals to the secrets of the Company and cocktails, expanding their creativity.