illy coffe bean decafeine 250gr

Decaffeinated (green cap): the same characteristics as that of medium roast with very low caffeine content, less than 0.05%.

illy coffee in whole beans is aimed towards more “sophisticated” consumers, meaning those who seek to satisfy their senses by grinding their favorite coffee to the degree that suits their taste.  

First, set the dosage (7-7.5 grams) on your coffee grinder and then the grinding so that ideally within 20 to 25 seconds a normal espresso will be extracted (reaching the middle of the cup). If you grind it coarsely, your cup will fill up much faster and the result will be a “weak” coffee. If you grind it too fine, the coffee will merely drip from the machine and the result may be a “burnt” coffee. After several attempts you will enjoy the coffee you have been dreaming of.