An assortment of 3 flavored beverages + tea infuser.

Cylindrical metal chest with a geometric pattern and leather details that includes 3 different varieties of beverages and a tea infuser.

  • Jardin Bleu – 30gr
  • Passion de Fleurs – 15gr
  • Nuit à Versailles – 30gr

Net weight: 75gr


Jardin Blue:

30gr – A blend of black flavored tea with rhubarb, wild strawberries, strawberries and flower petals that add a fruity taste.


Passion de Fleurs:

15gr – Delicate white tea consisted of thin rose leaves, apricot and passion fruit aromas, sprinkled with flower petals.


Nuit a Versailles:

30gr – Green tea flavored with bergamot, kiwi, peach, orange blossoms and violet blossom aromas.