An assortment of 3 flavored beverages + tea infuser.

Cylindrical metal chest decorated with two leather straps and includes three different packages of flavored teas and a tea infuser.

  • Earl Grey Yin Zhen - 30gr
  • Paul & Virginie - 30gr
  • Bali - 30gr

Net weight: 90gr


Earl Grey Yin Zhen:
30gr – The most famous flavored tea from a blend of Chinese teas with bergamot from the region of Calabria.

Paul & Virginie:
30gr – A blend of black teas flavored with caramel, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, gooseberry and vanilla.

30gr – Sencha green tea and jasmine green tea with fresh, fruity notes. It contains flower petals, lychee, grapefruit, peach bush notes and rose fragrance.