illy Iperespresso Capsules Filter Single Flowpack - Classico

Filter coffee in Iperespresso capsules.

A combination of ground coffee and instant coffee made with the most advanced techniques to transform the illy blend.

Διακριτικές  νότες καραμέλας, άνθη πορτοκαλιού και γιασεμιού, με γλυκιά επίγευση. Διατίθεται και για καφέ Lungo.

The filter capsule has a mini filter for a cup of coffee with   an extraordinary body and aroma and in the right temperature.
Espresso coffee capsules, in pressure sealed packaging in order for its organoleptic characteristics to remain unaltered.


For use in the Iperespresso  machines and also in iperesespresso machines with the logo " Espresso & Coffee"

ground coffee 81%, instant coffee 19%

Net Weight: 7,2g ℮
Store away from sunlight and heat.
Produced and packaged in Italy
Packaged in a protective atmosphere